Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fabric Sale - MELBOURNE

I've just come across a fabric sale that is in Melbourne on Saturday 18 April. Below are the details from where they have a list of fabric shops in Brisbane and surrounds and also through the rest of Queensland and the other states. I'm sure if you live in Melbourne you are aware of Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design, but I'd never heard of them before. The list of fabric shops in and around Brisbane is very comprehensive and there are some I have not heard of before.

Massive Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale  April 18th – Open Direct to the Public

One Day Only – Saturday 18th April  from 9.30 am until 3.30pm.
5 Marriott Street, Oakleigh. (off Dandenong Road ) ( the building does not have an obvious sign –  with only a small sign in window that reads “ Christopher George”)
Fabrics at wholesale prices – ALL imported direct from ITALY….
Linens – $5.00 p/m
Denims – $6.00 p/m (varying weights and stretch)
Silks – $5.00 p/m ( varying lengths on rolls and assorted prints)
Knits – $4.00 p/m ( mercerised strips and assorted plains/marle)
Wools – $8.00 p/m ( varying weights)
Plus stacks of other assorted fabrics still in this price range. Adriana has told me that there have been deliveries of new fabrics yet again. !!!!!

Anyway these are the details.... sounds fantastic. Lucky I'm not going... If you go please let me know what you get. Have you heard of Designer Stitch or the local fabric shops?

And just so this is not a post with no photos, I'll show you some of what I bought at the Alanna Hill Outlet shop in Melbourne when I went in December.

This is a lovely, very fine crepe like silk with beads on it. The brown isn't me but I couldn't resist it and I will make a little top out of it. It was only $10 per metre and I only bought 1 metre.

It was on the roll wrapped with tissue paper and that's how I'm storing it too (not for long I hope).

I also bought this lovely zip which is a separating satin zip with a lovely flower pull tab. I also bought the jumbo snaps that were covered with either red, silver or pink satin. Then some mirror buttons in different shapes (these I want to make a shirt with a different shape in each button hole) and some little buttons with a 'diamond' in the middle and some little smokey glass buttons. The silver ones on the bottom right are metal buttons and I got 2 large ones and 10 small ones. All the buttons were 10 for $2 and the zip was $1. I also got a heat transfer of a heart shaped out of little rhinestones. I hope to make a t-shirt and put that on. I also bought a knit that was double sided stripes - one really narrow and the other side about 1cm, in navy and grey I think.

This gorgeous (out of focus) fabric was picked up on our road trip last September at an op shop in Tamworth. It's gorgeous (and a vintage designer fabric... although I'm not into that really) and I think there is about 1.5 metres. If I have enough I may try to make a jacket or maybe a shift dress.

Have you bought anything lately?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Brisbane Spoolette's meet up

Alice and Lizzie

Alice and Lizzy again (yes I know, it's nearly the same photo, sorry!)

Bianca and Rosie - both are more gorgeous in real life!

Another bad photo but it shows Lizzie's beautifully fitting dress and Rosie's gorgeous outfit.

Saturday 28th March was the Brisbane Spoolette's 2nd high tea meet up. It was also my birthday so double bonus.... I get to celebrate and have fun and I don't have to do anything! (I also had a 50th birthday party immediately after which was great fun also). I wore my Style Arc Alisha dress and got many lovely compliments... thanks ladies! I was RACKED with indecision about what to make... even at 10am I was thinking I could make something simple but still could not cut into anything. (It's been a busy time around here and it's slowed down from yesterday thank goodness).

I took 4 photos, with only two really worth it, but I got so caught up with talking and catching up with everyone that I forgot to take more. It was another great afternoon. I took many patterns a 4 or 5 pieces of fabric, but came home only with 1 piece of lovely silk and 5 patterns. One is an infinity dress, a shirt and shirtdress and this next one...

Isn't it hilarious! I want to know why the dog's face is whited out... to save face in the dog modelling world maybe! In a moment of madness serendipity, my mother asked me last week if I could make a raincoat for Hercules the family dog. I even have some high viz ripstop or some orange umbrella type fabric and reflective tape. Anyone have any experience with this type of project.... this looks like it is made for stretch... can I increase the size and make it out of ripstop? Do I line it with something soft? It rains here in the summer so it's hot and rainy not cold. Someone asked me if I'd put the spikes on... why not me thinks... if the dog is looking stupid with a raincoat why shouldn't he go all out with spikes too. This isn't next in line... I'm making some pyjamas for my niece for her birthday that was a week before mine... she's hard to buy for and doesn't need anything but always appreciates me making something for her and you can never have too many pjs can you? I'll use the same Burda pattern I used for mine as I'm really happy with them. It will be stash fabric but which one? I have two in mind but one will win over as I'm not sure if she likes the colours of the other one. 

On another note, I have come into some (a little) money and I'm thinking to buy a new machine (maybe after I sell 3 or 4 of the 7 machines I have). I'm looking at a Pfaff but I have no experience with them nor do I know anyone who has one. I'll make time this week to go and test one and the shop I'll go to has Bernina too... but boy are they expensive. To compare the two, the Pfaff I was looking at is about $800 and the Bernina is about $3000! Any advice or comments are very welcome. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's a winner!

It's not finished here... he was so excited .... I needed to finish one side of the zip, hemming  and the binding bit on the neckline.

We have two winners in fact. Alex LOVED the sweatshirt and Colesworth commented knowledgeably that it was Adventure Time show copy. When Alex came in on Sunday night and saw it (not quite finished) on the couch, he was happily shocked it was "so good".  When I told him I was making it for him on Saturday, he was being very polite and said "oh, thanks Mum, but no offence, I don't think I'll take it". He's at that age where perception is very important - if it was anything other than perfect, I knew he wouldn't wear it. I was very happy with his reaction. Such joy in making him happy!

If the sweatshirt wasn't an option, he (as most boys his age) wanted to go as some creepy, dark thing (wearing his cloak I made - so that's still good) but I came across a picture of a sweatshirt you can buy for about US$60.  It's printed with a little dog creature (don't know it's name) popping out of the pocket. Cute, but I had no transfer paper to do that, so it's left off.

This is the pattern I 'used'. I didn't put the ribbing on as I hate bomber jacket styles - all that puffiness! I put kangaroo pockets on instead. It was a good base and I made the 12 which was pretty true to size. I wished I'd made the 14 as he loves it, but maybe he'll be over it by then anyway.

Isn't my ironing board cover filthy. I have some Ikea fabric ready to make a new one, I made this one a few years ago.
 I made the 'backpack' by putting a dinner plate on the darker green and cutting it and some iron on interfacing.  I bought the lighter green as a remnant and sewed in on  as below. Then I put black bias binding through the middle and around the edge. A button represents the catch.

To make the straps I used the lighter green and made widish straps. The photos below show how to do this easily... leave a long tail with the overlocker thread, use a bodkin and thread it back through itself.. voila, easy.  Then I sewed some of the black bias on each side and straps replicated. I ended up sewing the straps down on the back at the top to keep them from falling off.

 I used the hood pattern from another Kwik Sew pattern. Pinned all around the 'backpack' before sewing it on the back.

I made the little ears with the white fleece and stuffed a bit of polyester filling in to keep them up. Then I cut a slit in the hood and sewed it in. The lining for the hood I made from an old white t-shirt of Alex's that was earmarked for sewing undies lining.

I have little eyelets but on the test sample it didn't work so I just made button holes, then  a casing and threaded through a long cord that I kept from some RTW thing. (pays to hoard some things).

Finished back, I sewed around the outside of the black bias putting the straps underneath for a nice neat finish. I just turned up the hem and the sleeves and used the twin needle. Fleece is so easy to sew! I also made him some shorts with the royal blue colour to finish the outfit. I made them from a Burda pattern in a size 12 but they just fit him and he probably won't wear them but I put them in anyway. So, there it is. I have to say I am impressed myself. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Can you guess?

Can you guess what this is going to be (it's nearly done!)

There has been sewing going on. My son goes to camp for a week tomorrow and needed a 'fancy dress costume'. (on a side note, I found out only after being the cray cray woman at school... they don't give ANY information about the camp so I only knew this because I asked for a copy of their schedule, how dare I? - I got it Friday.) I have made some shorts from some Indian cotton type heavy weave stuff (that was conveniently lying around) and then I had to make the top part. If you have an 8 - 13 or so year old boys around you might guess. I'm copying something I saw on the internet to buy... I'll show you my inspiration and the final results tomorrow. 

I went to East Coast Fabrics to get some fleece and bumped into Liz from Busy Lizzie in Brizzie. She's got so many things she needs to sew for at the moment, but I'm sure she'll do it. It was fun to get excited together about the fabrics instead of having my son negotiate going to the toy shop for the same amount of time! (I usually oblige... ). We have the Brisbane Sewers High Tea in two weeks and neither of us have made anything yet. I have a dress that needs about 20 minutes work but that was put on the back burner to help a friend finish off a school uniform for her daughter and this costume.

While running from the sewing machine to the overlocker, I made Asian style plum sauce. I went to the markets last weekend and got about 500g of president plums for $1 (they are my favourite plums but you don't see them much anymore - light green flesh with a deep plum coloured skin). They were in a punnet and I knew they'd be soft.. but $1 people. They were much softer a week later I can tell you.  I just got some basic ingredients from a recipe online and made it my own (not recorded actually) I did put in some whole dried chillies to give it a touch of oomph.

This is the finished result... not much there.. enough for us for a while though. I'm not a fan of plum sauce normally but that's more because of added extras I don't like.
What does it go with? Any hints?
Any ideas what costume I am making?

(on a side note, the wood you see behind the sauce are two rolling pins my Grandfather made. My Mother is Cypriot and they make a very thin pastry, that needs to be about 1 metre to 1.5 metres round,  and is rolled out using a long, thin rolling pin that has a taper at one end. The taper is to make the pin roll out in an arc and thereby getting the pastry as thin as possible. When I was in Cyprus in 1992, I asked my Grandfather to make me one and he jumped up immediately, went to the lemon tree, cut a straightish branch and whittled it there and then. Oh, I didn't mention he was 92 years old. That was the last holiday time I would see him as he died in 1995. I love my rolling pin. The metal thing behind is also from Cyprus (2009) and is like a sieve .. hand punched in decorative design.)
More in a few days.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stash busting with Burda 2711 pyjamas

Finally I made some pjs. I made some about 18 months ago (with Butterick 6883) and I still wear the aqua ones (the others were a gift for my sister). The top on the Butterick was a bit wide in the front and the strap kept falling down... I say was, because I also fixed that up today and took  cm out of the width of the top edge (1.5cm each side) and resewed the binding straps and now they fit perfectly.

However, we are here to see the new Burda pyjamas.

They don't look so good on the mannequin as she is much wider in the shoulders than me. I made my bias binding for the arm holes/straps and the back, but I wanted a contrast for the front. I have a tiny piece of lace that was in my Mum's stash but I couldn't find it (of course) as I was going to put it under the matching bias but when I couldn't find it I decided to use the purchased (eons ago) bias as the colour was right, and then I found the ribbon so put that on too. I like that the ribbon and the contrast bias are not matching... the sort of silly detail you can decide on when you make it yourself.

Oops.. blurry photo of the fabric, bought bias and ribbon. This was a pattern I picked up recently at an Op Shop and there wasn't any instructions in it. Ha, no need for instructions, how hard are these to work out. I put pockets in the shorts (not really convinced I need pockets in the shorts but they are there now and when I am snivelling I might think otherwise) and put the binding on the front and back first and then made a ring of the bias for the straps and armholes and put in on in the round. Easy peasy. These are a much better shape for my small back and pocky out front. The darts are a little long but you don't see them with this busy print.

I sewed the bias on with the pink thread because I liked the contrast. There is quite the angle at that join! The fabric is a piece that came from Singapore when my friend was passing through about 6 years ago. I gave her some money to buy me some cottons and silks. She chose all the fabrics and funnily, there was 4 pieces and they all have floral details - the silk being embossed on, one half made into a dress that is floral but bigger (black and white roses- lovely) and the other one is a small paisley. This one is a bit cutesy for me but perfect for decent pyjamas.

Can't remember if there is a centre back seam or not on the pattern but I made one to save fabric (although what do I do with that small piece now?) but I think I really did it to make a sway back adjustment. However now I don't remember if I did and the fit indicates, if I did, it wasn't enough. I'm not worried. I slept in the shorts last night (that's why they are crumpled) but I only just finished the top.

They fit really well and I think I will keep this pattern for a go-to pyjama pattern. I have some lovely prints in my stash for gift pyjamas I think. The Butterick pattern is out!

Don't know what is next. We have the Brisbane Spoolettes meet up in March (on my birthday no less) and I want to make a dress... decisions, decisions!